Brilliant review on Ceylon Arrack and a play by play of the Trail

Lickerish Split

I know, I know, another review of The Liquorists and their trails, but I love them, OK. Every time I rock up, I learn something new about alcohol production or the history of some spirit or another, and see a brilliant idea for food matching or nifty new cocktail combination. Plus, they serve up passion for their craft by the punch bowl and seriously know their shit. Good drink, good food, good people; would you turn a night of free drinks and fabulous company down? I didn’t think so.

On this occasion, The Liquorists teamed up with Ceylon Arrack, a niche and little heard of Sri Lankan spirit, to support them breaking the brand in Britain. The marketing geek in me adores the hyper-localised strategy concocted – launching exclusively in Manchester with the trail I attended and teaming up with bartenders across the city’s finest drinking establishments to create…

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